BSK to oppose GM Mustard

BHARATIYA Kisan Sangh ( BKS ) Would oppose the G.M Mustard as the GEAC recommendation is not in favor of the country.

In an informal discussion conducted at the office of BKS, Mahakoshal region, National Organizing Secretary BKS, Dinesh Kulkarni termed the G.M mustard very harmful for the environment and human life . he said that GEAC has taken decision about G.M mustard in haste. They haw examined it with unscientifically and non trace parent manner in this context which is being opposed by the BKS.

He said BKS is not opposed to the technology but consider in the G.M mustard as crop while examining it is not apt since it is edible oil. The Genetically Modified Mustard’s side effect on the health of human being, environment and cattle should be minutely examined.

The courtiers where the G.M mustard is product it is being utilized as fodder for cattle. The movement as they claim that it would increase the production. Ironically, no such result has been verified while examining it a kind of non reversible technology which is very harmful for the bio diversity also. He added that the G.M Mustard is developed with the help of the anti weed, ‘shahar besides’ tolerant. The glyph cyan ate medicine is sprayed on it due to which barring mustard plants all other plants are destroyed. Its biggest side effect would be sustained by honey bee which is not only harmful for the human being. Whereas, our Indian scientists have produced the traditional methods which are capable of yielding more production.

He demanded that state and union government must conduct analysis on the impact of this technology on the peasants, society and economy. The genetically modified mustard would be opposed at every level by BSK. He said that demands of BSK has been accepted by states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, West Bengal and behar. He has appealed the government of Madhya Pradesh not to give permission to use G.M mustard.

The State General Secretary Rajendra Paliwal, State President Vijay Gontiya, State Organizing Secretary Bharat Patel and others were also present on the occasion.